Judie O'Neill

Bridget Fonger

Bridget has this to say about Judie:

Judie is the Queen of the Lazy Woman Kingdom. She started her career as an educator at age 7, playing school marm to neighborhood kids in her basement. An old friend of Judie's recently exclaimed, after Judie was "lecturing" him a little, that she hadn't changed. I screamed "You mean she's always been this way?!" Her friend, since age 17, responded with glee, "YES!"

Pouring this energy into "The Lazy Woman's Guide" has given her family a break from the Sermons on the Mount. At a recent book signing, there was a lectern and she eagerly rose to claim it and proclaimed to the assembled crowd, "I really like this!" A born lecturer, she can also sit with ease one-on-one and be both candid and compassionate.

Judie did her undergraduate work at Santa Clara University and got her teaching credentials and Masters Degree at Pacific Oaks College. She worked for several years as a teacher of parent education classes. Like many married women with children, she juggled work with her family's schedule, and used her natural creative talents in the more flexible world of interior design. She also worked as a commercial actress and print model.

But, her biggest career move of all was marrying, J.P., her husband of 42 years. She is the mother of four children, grandma to four and guardian to many animals over the years (presently including rabbits, ducks, cats and dogs.) As an only child and single woman, I am in awe that her family cup runneth over, and yet she always has time for stray people or animals or to give advice over a cup of tea.

To refilleth her own cup, Judie has continually been a seeker, which led her to Dr. Michael Valente's Course in Mastery and the Course in Miracles. She studied with Dr. Valente for over five years and became a facilitator, helping others empower themselves.

I met Judie at a gardening party where she gave me a transplanting tip which I immediately realized was the key to the mysterious demise of many plants in my own garden! I was immediately impressed by her gardening skills. Several years ago, Judie and her husband bought a neglected architectural treasure, which has challenged and developed her gardening and restoration skills, not to mention her lazyhood!

Judie has this to say about Bridget:

When you meet Bridget the first thing you'd probably think is "She's NOT Lazy!" But, her high energy should not distract you from her bona fide Lazy Womanosity. Bridget has been producing (everything from plays to weddings to films and fundraisers) since she was 13, so she knows lots of shortcuts to having a great big beautiful life with less stress and more joy. Life is never boring around Bridget, but then again, Lazy never is boring...just delicious!

She lives with her beloved dogs, Lucy and Tallulah (mom and baby Coton de Tulears), surrounded by trees and flowers. And, yes you should definitely tell the Single Lazy Man in your life that she is a great catch waiting to be lazily caught!

As owner of The Angel Store in Old Town Pasadena when we met in the early 90's, she was able to use all of her talents to create a little retail treasure that was enjoyed by many. Although clearly creative by nature, my favorite of Bridget's skills is that she can type as fast as I can talk! My second runner-up choice is benefiting from her delightful last minute dinner parties.

She has traveled extensively and has been to many magical places, including India where she studied meditation with Gurumayi, who began helping her find her lazy core. Her favorite lazy passions are Italy and anything Italian, pilates, old movies, dinner parties with friends, and spa days.

Her resume also includes graduating from U.C. Berkeley, and attending the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City. She lived and tried very hard to be a supermodel-actress (i.e., blond with large breasts and abnormally small hips). As much as she meditated on manifesting these attributes, they never materialized, so after some years she focused on writing as her art of choice.

Bridget and I were monkeying around with our various Lazy pursuits separately only blocks away from each other in Pasadena when our friend Maureen intervened, and introduced us. Bridget was working on a book on how to give dinner parties with grace and ease that I told her the title that popped into my head at 3 a.m. It was then that "The Lazy Woman's Guide to Just About Everything" was born, and the rest is just a history we're too lazy to document.

Bridget & Judie


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